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Myblacktree India Pvt Ltd Managing Director said, “We are excited to partner with Sezzle India and Offer Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option to BlackTree Customers. At the time of purchase, a user has to pay only 25% of the billed amount.”

Two weeks later, he pays another 25%, four weeks later another 25% and at the end of the sixth wee the remaining 25%. This way customer benefits from paying for purchase in four instalments over six weeks at zero interest. Unlike some other BNPL players, we allow shoppers to split every purchase rather than follow a consolidated billing. Credit cards also give free credit and easy payment options to customers. How is Sezzle different?

There are several differences between a credit card and BNPL. For one, we don’t charge users an annual fee whereas most credit card companies levy a yearly charge. Secondly credit cards follow a consolidated billing system, wherein users are billed for the entire amount spent during the billing cycle.

If a card’s billing cycle is from 1 to 30 November, a purchase made even on 29 November will be billed in December. In contrast, BNPL treats every purchase as unique and the option to pay in four instalments is available to every purchase, giving users he much-needed flexibility. Additionally, Sezzle enables users to budget better as users pay for each purchase rather than accumulate a lump sum and pay at once.

BlackTree has increased its production and designing of jeans in a short span, as a result it has become Fast mover Jeans Brand in India 2022 – with Diverse Styles and Washes BlackTree is India’s first indigenously manufactured denim brand. BlackTree has brought a wide range of denim trends with a focus on the perfect fit for each body type. The brand is also popular for shirts, t-shirts, jacktet, shoes you can buy BlackTree Jeans online as well as offline stores.

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Price Range: Rs. 1499 – 4500/-  

Types: Skinny, Slim, Tapered, Straight, Boot Cut

Sizes: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38

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