About Us

Welcome to BlackTree, a leading Indian fashion brand where innovation fuels the passion for style. We proudly stand as the fastest-growing jeans brand in India (recognized by Hindustan Times in 2022), offering a diverse selection of men's and women's clothing.

More Than Just a Brand: BlackTree is a lifestyle, a statement, and a commitment to making fashion accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone deserves to express themselves through clothing, and we strive to provide high-quality, on-trend pieces at affordable prices.

Our Journey: Founded in 2018, BlackTree has quickly become a major player in the Indian fashion industry. However, our roots go back further. In 2013, GL Electronic was established, laying the groundwork for BlackTree's future success. The merger of these two entities marked a pivotal moment in our evolution, solidifying our commitment to the philosophy: "Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion."

Driven by Innovation: BlackTree is led by our founder and CEO, Mr. Kundan Kumar, whose entrepreneurial spirit and experience in running a successful business have fueled the brand's growth. We are constantly pushing boundaries and innovating to bring you the latest trends and styles.

Why Choose BlackTree?

  • Fast-growing brand: We are at the forefront of the Indian fashion industry, offering the latest trends and styles.
  • Quality and affordability: We are committed to providing high-quality clothing at accessible prices.
  • Diverse selection: We offer a wide range of men's and women's clothing to suit all styles and preferences.
  • Passionate about fashion: We believe that fashion is a way to express yourself, and we are passionate about helping you find the perfect pieces to do just that.

Our Vision and Mission: At BlackTree, we envision a world where fashion is not just about clothing; it's a language, an expression of individuality. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of fashion choices that empower people to embrace their unique style. As a direct-to-consumer (D2C) fast-fashion e-commerce platform, we specialize in jeans but extend our expertise to a wide array of men's and women's wear. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for global trends, BlackTree is poised to redefine the fashion landscape.

Expanding Horizons: While jeans have been our forte, we are excited to announce our expansion plans. BlackTree is set to broaden its product line to include accessories, shoes, bags, and various other fashion items. We are dedicated to becoming the go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, providing them with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Global Reach: Currently, we are making a fashion statement in India through our platform, myblacktree.in. Simultaneously, our reach extends across borders to the US and EU via myblacktree.com, ensuring that fashion knows no boundaries.


Online Shopping Redefined: Shopping at BlackTree India® is not just a transaction; it's an immersive, hassle-free, and super-exciting experience. Our user-friendly interface, coupled with a commitment to convenience, ensures that every click brings joy and satisfaction.

At BlackTree, we are not just creating fashion; we are crafting an experience. Join us on this journey where every piece of clothing tells a story, and every customer is a part of our fashion family. Embrace the beauty of fashion with BlackTree - because everyone deserves to look and feel their best.


New Launch: BlackTree Food Truck: In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking concept: the BlackTree Food Truck. This isn't just any food truck; it's India's first and unique culinary experience on wheels. What sets us apart is our revolutionary approach. "BlackTree Food Truck & Restaurant" Give 100% cashback on every food order.

Customers who visit the restaurant and avail of "Black Tree Foods" dishes will receive a 100% cashback amount credited to their wallets, encouraging repeat visits and customer loyalty.. This marks a paradigm shift in the street food industry and has the potential to reshape the way people perceive dining out, with the power to seamlessly integrate the BlackTree Foods platform..

Indian Street Food Market Size Analysis

  • Market Size (2024 Estimate): The Indian street food market is estimated to have a potential valuation of around INR 140,000 crores (approximately $17 billion USD) or more in 2024.
  • Growth Drivers:
    • Urbanization: Rapid urbanization leads to an increased demand for convenient and affordable food options.
    • Rising disposable income: a growing middle class with more money to spend on eating out.
    • Changing Lifestyles: Busy schedules and a desire for quick meals.
    • Tourism: The popularity of Indian street food attracts both domestic and international tourists.

Key Problems in the Indian Street Food Sector

  1. Hygiene and Food Safety: The biggest challenge, often due to:
    • Limited brand presence in the street food market.
    • Limited adoption of technology in the street food sector.
    • Lack of clean water and sanitation facilities 
    • Improper food handling and preparation practices
    • Use of substandard ingredients
  2. Lack of Regulation: The sector is largely unorganized, with minimal regulatory oversight, leading to inconsistent quality standards.
  3. Infrastructure Deficiencies:
    • Limited access to proper vending spaces.
    • Poor waste management systems.
    • Lack of basic amenities like electricity.
  4. Limited Financial Support: Street food vendors often struggle to secure loans or financial assistance to improve their businesses.

India Population: Street Food Consumption

  • Demographics: It's difficult to pinpoint the exact percentage of Indians relying on street food daily. However, consumption is widespread across socioeconomic classes, with a higher frequency among:
    • Urban populations
    • Students and working professionals
    • Lower-income groups
  • Factors Affecting Consumption:
    • Affordability
    • Convenience
    • Flavor and variety
    • Cultural familiarity




                                                  MEET BLACKTREE
                                                 Product Design team 



       It all starts when an idea, or a thought, is conceived by the designer.

       The life of a product begins even before the designer's pen hits the paper.





    All of our products are created by machinery that emphasizes precision, attention to detail, and style.

    We value quality and sometimes our products are crafted by individuals    experienced in hand sewing.


                                              Quality Assurance



    After rigorous testing and inspection, our products are made into something we can be proud of a fashionable and reliable item!


    Through creative collaborations with photographers and models, we are able to capture the details of every style for you to preview before you make a purchase decision.





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