Bholaa Film Review: Overdose of action in Ajay Devgan's 'Bholaa,' but the film is worth the money.

These days, devotion towards Lord Shiva is trending among the youth on social media. Seizing this opportunity, Ajay Devgan has brought the gift of 'Bholaa' for his fans, symbolically portraying Shiva and dedicating the film to the devotees of Lord Shiva.

We are all familiar with Ajay Devgan's love for Lord Shiva. Through films, he has deeply established his devotion to Shiva on numerous occasions. 'Bholaa' is part of this series after the film 'Shivaay.' An official remake of the South Indian film 'Kaithi,' let's find out how entertaining this movie is for the audience.

Story Bholaa (Ajay Devgan) has been released from jail after ten years. While in jail, Bholaa learns that he has a daughter who lives in an orphanage in Lucknow... Eager to meet her upon his release, he sets out on a journey. On the other hand, SP Diana Joseph (Tabu) has seized a large consignment of drugs from a mafia gang and hides the confiscated goods in a secret area within the police station. Aswathama (Deepak Dobriyal), who plots to retrieve the goods and kill Diana, receives a tip from a police inspector (Gajraj Rao). In preparation, Aswathama spikes the drinks of the police force during a party, causing each inspector to lose consciousness and putting their lives at risk. In the meantime, SP Diana takes responsibility for getting all the police officers to the hospital while also ensuring no one gets their hands on the confiscated goods at the station. How does Bholaa join her in this journey? What happens to the confiscated goods? And can he save the police officers? How does Aswathama take his revenge? To find the answers to all these questions, head to a theater near you.