The BlackTree Food Truck: A Unique Blend of Food and Fashion.


The BlackTree Food Truck is a renowned and thriving brand that seamlessly combines the worlds of clothing and food trucks. With its unique and delicious concept, BlackTree has gained popularity for its innovative approach to providing delectable food items while showcasing clothing products. In an effort to provide an exceptional customer experience, BlackTree is introducing a groundbreaking offer of 100% cashback on food purchases, allowing customers to redeem their wallet balance on clothing products. This revolutionary initiative makes the BlackTree Food Truck the first of its kind in India, with no competitors offering a similar proposition.

A Fusion of Tastes and Styles

The BlackTree Food Truck is not your average food truck. It goes beyond serving mouthwatering dishes and satisfies the hunger for fashion as well. By combining the culinary delights of a food truck with the trendy and stylish offerings of a clothing brand, BlackTree has created a unique and captivating experience for its customers. Whether you're craving a gourmet burger or looking to update your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends, the BlackTree Food Truck has got you covered.

The 100% Cashback Offer

In a bid to revolutionize the food truck industry and elevate the customer experience to new heights, BlackTree has introduced a groundbreaking offer of 100% cashback on food purchases. This means that every time a customer makes a food purchase from the BlackTree Food Truck, they earn the equivalent amount as a wallet balance that can be later redeemed for clothing products. This innovative initiative not only encourages customers to indulge in the delectable food offerings but also provides them with an opportunity to upgrade their style without spending extra money.

Expanding Across India: The Franchise Plan

To expand its reach across India and cater to a wider audience, BlackTree understands the importance of a well-structured franchise plan. This plan aims to establish a profitable business model that benefits the brand, franchisees, and customers, ensuring a win-win situation for all stakeholders involved. With an initial investment of INR 30 lakhs, the franchise plan will outline strategies to rapidly and efficiently expand the BlackTree Food Truck network nationwide.

The Benefits of Franchising with BlackTree

Franchising with BlackTree offers numerous advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. By becoming a franchisee, individuals can tap into the success and popularity of the BlackTree brand while leveraging the established business model and operational expertise. Here are some key benefits of franchising with BlackTree:

  1. Brand Recognition: BlackTree is already a renowned brand in the food and fashion industry. By becoming a franchisee, you gain instant brand recognition and benefit from the positive reputation associated with the BlackTree Food Truck.

  2. Proven Business Model: The franchise plan developed by BlackTree is based on a proven business model that has already achieved success. This minimizes the risks associated with starting a new venture and increases the chances of profitability.

  3. Training and Support: As a franchisee, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support from the BlackTree team. This includes guidance on operations, marketing strategies, and product offerings, ensuring that you have all the necessary tools to run a successful food truck business.

  4. Marketing and Advertising: BlackTree takes care of national-level marketing and advertising campaigns, which helps create brand awareness and drive customer traffic to all franchise locations. This shared responsibility reduces the burden of individual marketing efforts for franchisees.

The Investment and Return

Franchising with BlackTree requires an initial investment of INR 30 lakhs. This investment covers the setup costs, equipment, inventory, and initial working capital required to launch and operate a BlackTree Food Truck franchise. While the investment may seem significant, the potential return on investment is promising, considering the popularity and unique offering of the brand.


Q: How does the 100% cashback offer work?

A: The 100% cashback offer allows customers to earn the equivalent amount of their food purchase as a wallet balance, which can be later redeemed on clothing products available from the BlackTree Food Truck.

Q: Can I franchise with BlackTree if I don't have any prior experience in the food or fashion industry?

A: Absolutely! BlackTree provides comprehensive training and support to all franchisees, regardless of their previous experience. With the guidance and resources provided, you can successfully run a BlackTree Food Truck franchise.

Q: Are there any ongoing fees or royalties associated with franchising with BlackTree?

A: Yes, as a franchisee, you will be required to pay ongoing fees and royalties to BlackTree. These fees contribute to the continued support and services provided by the brand, including marketing and operational assistance.

Q: Can I choose the location for my BlackTree Food Truck franchise?

A: While BlackTree considers franchisees' preferences, the final decision regarding the location of the franchise is made in collaboration with the brand. Factors such as market demand, feasibility, and brand visibility are taken into account.

Q: Is the BlackTree Food Truck franchise limited to clothing products from the brand?

A: No, the BlackTree Food Truck franchise primarily focuses on food offerings. However, franchisees can also showcase and sell clothing products from the brand to enhance the customer experience and leverage the unique concept.

Q: How long does it take to open a BlackTree Food Truck franchise?

A: The timeline for opening a BlackTree Food Truck franchise can vary depending on various factors such as location, permits, and construction requirements. On average, the process takes around 3 to 6 months from the signing of the franchise agreement to the grand opening.


The BlackTree Food Truck is a one-of-a-kind brand that combines the worlds of clothing and food trucks, offering customers an exceptional experience. With its groundbreaking 100% cashback offer and a well-structured franchise plan, BlackTree aims to expand its reach across India while providing profitable business opportunities for franchisees. By joining the BlackTree family, entrepreneurs can tap into the success of an established brand and enjoy the benefits of a unique business model. Don't miss the chance to be a part of the BlackTree revolution!