Hold the stakes of happiness and fashion with Black Tree India.

New Delhi [India], May 19 (ANI/SRV Media): As it is observed, the Indian textile market has contributed largely to the GDP of the country and is proudly standing at over US$100 billion currently

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We have seen a gradual growth in the overall quality of the products and have appreciated it by enhancing the business flow over the past couple of years.
The trend of urbanization is going to help the Indian textile market a lot. At this rate by the year 2050, half or more than half of the population will shift to urban space and will be responsible for near about 80 per cent of the GDP.
This exact silver lining is what supports an organization like Black Tree and will help it to bloom in the market in the coming years. E-commerce for fashion wear is a profitable business both in the international as well as the domestic market. Considering the market flow and competition, making their presence felt is what Black Tree has managed to do in just a few years.
It all started in the year 2018, Black Tree is an international B2C fast fashion e-platform. Currently making a substantial mark over India, China, Thailand, and other mammoth consumer markets of fashion wear. Black Tree has a simple motive to follow, which is to serve a majority of the teen or young population without hampering their light pockets.

Young aspiring professionals or students are highly fashionable and they buy from where it is reasonable. Keeping this in mind, BlackTree offers trending styles and quality products such as V-neck Bio wash Half Sleeves, Round Neck Bio wash Half Sleeves, V neck full sleeve Bio wash, Round Neck full sleeve Bio wash, Polo T-shirt, Lycra T-Shirts, Belts, Wallets, Sunglasses, Jeans, Maxi Dresses, Top, Coats, Jackets, Blazers, Jeans, Legging, and Women Lingerie.
Black Tree has a mission that focuses on the quality of products along with the exclusivity. One of the prime objectives is to avail international quality for people who are fashion conscious and give them a chance to dress according to their taste.
It not only keeps up with the trends but also helps a fashion enthusiast to blend western and traditional accordingly. A humongous standout of the Black Tree is the hyperlocal delivery which is on the verge of becoming the only delivery service that could be a couple of hour’s affair.

Kundan Kumar (Founder & CEO), Black Tree India, says, “Everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion”. After concluding his education he decided to become a self-made man and declined the comfort of joining the family business. He certainly was gifted with immense willpower and dedication. His passion drove him through the road of success. He had a specific amount of financial backing along with his relentless passionate effort, he pooled into the business of a one-stop fashion store because he had complete faith in it. That brainchild is today Black Tree.

A 20 crore investment, which will be 10 per cent of the company’s stakes, is at the table. The company is well established and beautifully placed in the market. So it is a profitable deal in the offering. The offer seems like a reasonable one, considering the profit margin. International, as well as domestic visibility, is bound to increase via the investment. Also, a popularity increase is to be expected as per the “new norms ” are concerned.
Black Tree is also looking up to many advancements through investment. The offer of having 10 per cent of the company is quite exciting too, because not only owning the stakes of an established company is at the table but also comes in the bonus goodwill of the consumers, creators, and employees.
Considering every little detail of the Black Tree, there seem to be no stones left unturned in the e-platform segment. The fashion seems to be up-to-date, the service is fast, quality is global and the user experiences are enthralling.